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Glenbard North School Counseling

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or Registrar Office   (630) 681-3131

Dept. Chair: Colleen Joyce-Guzman
Email: [email protected]

All Staff Directory

Counselor Assignments

A-ARJ & EL students Benjamin Brito [email protected]              
ARK-BROW Kristen Masse [email protected]  630-681-3252
BROX-F Julie Shannon [email protected]  630-681-3230
GA-GOO  Colleen Joyce-Guzman [email protected] 630-681-3121
GOP-LUU Carole Gekba [email protected]  630-681-3138
LUV-PATEL, AL.   Jaime Kennedy [email protected]  630-681-3137
PATEL, AM.-SHAK   Miriam Walton [email protected]  630-681-3156
SHAL-Z  Sean Thomas [email protected]  630-681-3289
AVID students Kelly Dailey [email protected] 630-681-3166


GBN School Counseling Mission

The mission of Glenbard North’s School Counseling Program is to provide students with the opportunity to strengthen and foster their continuous improvement-and achievement. Our mission complements and enriches the Glenbard District 87 mission by addressing the academic, social/emotional, and post-secondary/career development of our students.  

School Counselors, in collaboration with stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, and the community) continuously strive to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling model focusing on the following priorities:

  • Classroom curriculum and individual conferences that help students become critical thinkers and positive decision-makers, while also planning for their future.
  • Removal of barriers to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all students.
    Open lines of communication with parents and guardians ensuring student support at school and at home.
  • Communicate available resources to students, and encourage them to utilize innovative learning tools and supports.
  • The treatment of all students as valuable, life-long learners, providing them with full access to resources and interventions in place to help them be successful in present and future endeavors.