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Administrative Team


Dr. John Mensik
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Karen Nielsen
(630) 681-3248



Main School Phone: (630) 653-7000
24 hr. Attendance:  (630) 653-9092

Deans Office:
(630) 681-3197
(630) 681-3113

Nurse:  (630) 681-3143
School Counseling:  (630) 681-3107

BOWSERAssistant Principal 
– Athletics
Matthew Bowser
[email protected]

Assistant to APA
Sarah Hengesh
(630) 681-3136

HEALY,JOHNAssistant Principal 
– Instruction
John Healy
[email protected]

Assistant to API
Rebecca Nielsen
(630) 681-3228

JOHANSEN,ERICAssistant Principal 
– Operations
Eric Johansen
[email protected]

Assistant to APO
Janet Berger
(630) 681-3221

CARTWRIGHT,DEBAssistant Principal 
– Student Services
Debra Cartwright
[email protected]

Assistant to APSS
Amy Fenney
(630) 681-3130

Dean (A-Gol, Ell and Monitor Students)
Deborah Stack
[email protected]



Rob Kichka

Dean (Gom- O, Directions, TCD)
Robert Kichka
[email protected]



Dean (P-Z, Avid)hall,ryan
Ryan Hall
[email protected]



Dean (Attendance)17792

Erika Willis
[email protected]