Health Services

Nurses’ Office:  (630) 681-3143          Fax: (630) 681-3413

Donna Biere, Certified School Nurse (630) 681-3312    Kerry Windle, Certified School Nurse  (630) 681-3312

Glenbard North provides two fully qualified certified school nurses to assist students with health and safety issues. The health center is not a “resting” station, nor is it a treatment center for anything more than minor first aid. No medication, including over-the-counter (Tylenol, Advil), etc.) is dispensed unless a Medication Authorization Form is completed and signed by parent and physician.


A student who becomes ill during the school day should obtain a pass from his/her teacher before going to the health center, unless an emergency situation exists. If a student needs to contact a parent, they should report directly to the Nurses’ Office. Students must adhere to the school policy regarding the use of cell phones. Students who need to be excused from school due to illness must report to the health office with a pass. Students will not be sent home unless a parent/guardian or parent designee has been contacted. Any school accident must be immediately reported to the teacher in charge of the activity so a written report of the incident can be made.

Parents may request in writing a temporary excuse from physical education in writing for up to three (3) days in any one semester. If any more than three days are required, a physician must write the excuse. The student should report to the Health Center with any written excuse before their first hour class. The Health Center opens at 7:15 a.m. A pass will be issued if the student is late for 1st period class. P.E. teachers and/or coaches will be informed of the excuse. If students are ill, they should not attend school until they are well. Injuries sustained at home should be treated at home or in a physician’s office.


Schools across the nation are experiencing more and more students who have latex allergies.  Often, students with this allergy can have severe and even life-threatening reactions if exposed to latex resin and powders. Glenbard North has several students with latex allergies, and for their safety, certain latex products are not allowed on campus. Latex balloons and “Silly String” pose a significant health threat to students with a latex allergy. These products are NOT ALLOWED on campus at any time, including after school, evening or weekend events.

With this in mind, we request your help. Please talk with your children about this health and safety issue. Some students might not understand the reason for a “balloon ban.” At North, we want all parents to feel that their children are safe and comfortable on campus.

JUNIORS: It is a State Requirement to get your Meningococcal Vaccination. Please get vaccinated and turn in proof to the nurses’ office now for next year.