What is AVID?

AVID is a college preparatory elective offered at GBN.  Our typical AVID student is a “B” or “C” student who is determined to go to college.  Our program helps to prepare students to build the necessary skills to be successful in college, helps in the college-planning process, and develops the work-ethic and self-advocacy skills needed to persist through college.  AVID is a four-year, credit-bearing course.  AVID is NOT an intervention or a study hall.  Our expectations for our students are high and we proud of what our students accomplish during their time here. 

AVID Program Full Description


*  Maintain a 3.0 GPA(on a 5.0 scale), satisfactory attendance, and citizenship in all classes.

*  Come prepared for student tutorials and study groups, have charged iPads, and be ready to participate.  

*  Meet 4-year university entrance requirements 

*  Take at least 1 AP or honors course before graduation 

*  Engage in activities, field trips, community service, and outside experiences.

*  Practice the skills taught in AVID to graduate with the attributes of a “Glenbard Grad” (self-empowered, communicates, thinks critically, creates, collaborates, and embraces diversity)



Glenbard Profile of a Graduate



senior avid picture

Senior AVID

Senior AVID is a very unique experience.  The fall semester is spent applying to colleges, attending FAFSA completion night, researching scholarships and researching career options.  By the end of the fall semester AVID 4 students will have:  

* Applied to a minimum of 7 colleges

* Completed the FAFSA

* Visited 11 universities

* Researched a minimum of 15 scholarships

* Identified a minimum of two college majors to potentially pursue in their future

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t think I can fit in all of my graduation requirements in, AND take AVID.  What do I do?

Actually, AVID helps to meet your graduation requirements.  At Glenbard North students need to pass 46 classes (10 of which need to be electives, which includes AVID).  If students take a full schedule every year they can take up to 56 courses.  If a student has specific courses they need to fit into their schedule and are concerned, set up a meeting with Ms. Mitchell, and she can help map out your schedules each year!  

I don’t get credit for taking AVID.  Why should I take it?  

FALSE!  AVID is a credit-bearing elective.  Students who pass the class receive a .5 elective credit.  You will not only get credit, but you will also develop skills to help you to be successful in college!

Is AVID an intervention or for kids who need extra help?

No, AVID is a college prep course.  This is a program designed to get kids ready for college and help develop skills to help them be successful in college.  

Have more questions?  Please reach out:

[email protected]

Tel: (630)-681-3166




Typical AVID Schedule

This graphic depicts a typical schedule for an AVID Student. The rigor and specific courses are unique to each student depending on the rigor and interest level of each class (i.e. Cont. World History/Government vs. AP Human Geography).