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Philosophy: Glenbard North High School encourages students to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities because our school considers such participation to be vital to our students’ educational and social growth. In activities, students are able to take initiative by planning and executing school events and projects. Such experiences equip students with the capacity to thrive as leaders now and in the future. Being involved in activities helps students reach their full potential by offering them an opportunity to be creative, collaborate with others, develop communication skills, think critically about the wider world, embrace diversity, and become self-empowered. Furthermore, activities at Glenbard North High School offer a safe haven for students from all backgrounds to pursue their interests and develop their talents. It is our goal to connect Glenbard North’s diverse student population with these amazing extracurricular opportunities.

District 87 Extracurricular Code:  Students involved in student activities must abide by this code. A copy of the code is included in this handbook. Also, students and their parents must provide signatures verifying that the student agrees to abide by the code. RULES ARE IN EFFECT 12 MONTHS.

Erika Willis
Assistant Principal for Student Services
(630) 681-3190

Kevin Erday
Student Activity Director
(630) 681-3402