Alumni/Past Graduates
1. Download and fill out the Transcript Request Form below.
2.  If you live in the area, you may come into the Counseling Office Monday – Friday between 7AM and 3PM to drop off the form.
3.  If you are not in the area, download and complete the Transcript Request Form and mail to the address listed.
4.  We do not accept requests over the phone; the form must be completed and signed.
5.  Only alumni may request a transcript.  Per Illinois Board of Education Law 105ILCS 10/2: Once a student reaches the age of 18, enters military service, gets married, or graduates from high school, (s)he is the ONLY person who can request his/her transcript.  The request must include the student’s signature and satisfactory evidence of his/her identity.

Please note:  Transcripts for past students are pulled once a week and are typically processed on Fridays.  We mail transcripts directly to the student or school, as requested on the form.  Please consider processing time before calling for the status of your transcript.


Transcript Request Form:

Glenbard Alumni Transcript_Medical Request Form

Current Students
Current students must complete the GOLD Transcript Request Form.
Your transcript is the LAST THING you do when applying to a college.  
Have you applied?
Have you put the school(s) in Naviance?
Have you updated your Brag Sheet and Resume in Naviance?
Have you requested recommendations (if needed)?
If your answer to any of these is “no,” you are not ready to request your transcript!
When all the above tasks are completed, print and fill out the GOLD Transcript Request Form. Printed copies of the form are also available in the Counseling Office.
Gold Student Transcript Form
See Mrs. Vazquez  [email protected] with any questions.