Residency, Fees and Financial Assistance Information

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The following required fees are assessed to all Glenbard students as part of the registration process:

Required Fees:

  • $235 – Registration & Fees (Prompt pay fee of $200 if paid in full by July 28) – fee includes registration; all course fees; student activity pass and digital handbook.
  • $149 – iPad Rental Fee*
  • $85 – Digital Curriculum Fee

*Fee includes device, charger, case, insurance coverage and loaner program. After the family has made four annual rental payments over the student’s career at Glenbard and the student’s account is paid in full the device will become the property of the student. In other words, this is a rent-to-own program.

Deadline: Families must complete on-line registration and payment by July 28th. Registration and payments received after this date will pay the $235 Registration & Fee charge versus the prompt pay fee of $200.

PE Uniform & Lock:  PE uniform and & lock will be provided to all incoming freshmen. The PE uniform & lock charge of $24 will be directly billed to you for online payment. If needed, returning students will be able to purchase PE uniforms and lock once school is in session. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Fee Process & One Free Test: It is an expectation at Glenbard that any students enrolled in an AP course will also take the course AP exam in May. This is an essential part of the course experience and is the culminating assessment of learning. In addition, students and families can benefit from earning early college credit and reducing the cost of college completion.

AP exam fees are charged to a student’s Glenbard account through the summer registration process. The D87 School Board has made the investment to pay for the cost of the first AP exam for every student each year, so families will only be responsible for paying the AP exam fee for any additional exams. The AP exam is $96 each; AP Seminar & AP Research exams are $144 each.

If there are extenuating circumstances, families can withdraw from the exam without financial penalty by November 15, 2022 for full year AP courses or March 15, 2023 for 2nd semester only AP courses by notifying their Assistant Principal of Instruction. If a student chooses to not take the AP Exam after the deadlines, partial refunds may be available on a case-by-case basis. Any questions about AP Exams should be directed to your Assistant Principal of Instruction.

Optional Fees: The athletic participation fee is $150 per student, per year. The fee allows your student to participate in unlimited sports. Yearbooks are available for purchase through the on-line registration & payment process. Students that sign up for the Behind the Wheel portion of Drivers Education will be charged $350. Parking passes are limited and the annual fee is $200.

Payment of Fees: It is the policy of the Glenbard Board of Education that prior to the first official day of class families should pay fees in full. Payments are due by July 28 for families to realize the prompt-pay discount of $35. The online registration process will guide you through the registration and payment process. Families that cannot pay in full due to financial circumstances should refer to the Financial Assistance Programs referenced below.

Payment Plan: Glenbard offers a 4-pay, payment plan that allows you to pay your fees over the course of the school year. A $7 convenience fee will apply. IMPORTANT: If you want the optional Athletic Participation Fee to be included in your payment plan, you must select this fee when you register online.

National School Breakfast and Lunch Program (Free Meals): Families that are eligible for the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program (Free Meals) must apply each year for approval. Applications for the program can be submitted using our online application form by visiting this link. If you believe you are eligible, please complete the online application form for submission. If you have questions regarding this program, please contact the Assistant Principal for Student Services Office.

Waiver of School Fees: Families that receive SNAP, TANF, or Income Eligible Medicaid should be directly certified for waiver of fees by our business office. Families can also apply for a waiver of student fees if they meet the household income eligibility requirements. Families can apply online for a fee waiver. Information can be found by visiting this link. If you apply for a waiver of school fees you must also sign up for Glenbard’s 6-payment plan. After you select Student Fees, choose the 6-payment option and complete the information. If your waiver is declined, the 6-payment plan will be activated and your fees will be paid over the course of the school year in 6 equal installments. IMPORTANT: If you want the optional Athletic Participation Fee to be included in your payment plan, you must select this fee when you register online.

Extended Summer Hours: Daytime and evening hours are available this summer if you need assistance completing the waiver application. Staff will be available from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. to assist you on July 26th and July 27th.

RESIDENCY VERIFICATION: All families must verify residency each year prior to registering for school. Residency verification was due June 16. Glenbard verified 90% of our student’s residency electronically. If we could not electronically verify your residency, you should have received a letter in the mail from us in May, requiring you to verify residency in person or by mail by the due date referenced above. Residency procedures are located in the Parents/Families section of our website, under the Residency Verification section. Verification of residency protects all of our families and ensures that only students that live in our school district boundaries attend Glenbard schools. It is illegal to attend school in a district where you are not a resident. Contact the Assistant Principal for Student Services (APSS) at school for more information.