Bus Transportation

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Bus Route Information: Students that are eligible for free transportation (living 1.5 miles or further from Glenbard North High School) will find their bus route number as well as pick-up and drop-off times and locations on their schedules at Back-to-School Week. Additional transportation information can be found on Glenbard’s Bus Information page.

Student ID – Ridership Requirements: Students are required to present upon request their student ID to any bus driver or Glenbard staff member. Students not able to produce their ID will be required to receive a temporary pass to ride the PM bus. Students not able to produce their ID will be referred to the Deans’ Office for appropriate consequences.   Students will be responsible for riding their designated buses. Bus drivers and school administrators will deny requests for students to ride other routes than previously assigned unless pre-approved by the Deans’ office.

FirstView App: Glenbard North High School has implemented FirstView, a bus tracking and communication app for your smartphone or desktop. FirstView will allow our students and families the ability to know where their bus is before school and after school. You may register at any time. Please click here for more information on features and how to set up your account.