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August 3, 2020
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Superintendent announces adjustment to school reopening plan

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this unusual journey as we prepare to launch the school year. We believe our Hybrid model of instruction provides a strong academic experience for both in-person and remote learning. However, due to the complexities of launching this schedule, it has become necessary to proceed with launching Fully Remote livestream learning for all students on Aug. 17 and delaying the in-person/Hybrid model until Sept. 8. Reasons for this include the following:

  • We have been faced with the challenge of hiring levels of additional support staff necessary to sustain and operate a safe and healthy school day. Staffing issues include hiring those employees who will supervise students, ensure areas are appropriately cleaned and sanitized, and facilitate the appropriate routines and safety protocols.
  • We are working through our building capacity planning, which is contingent on our family survey. Specifically, how many families select Fully Remote learning for their students versus our Hybrid learning model.  Survey results were due August 2.
  • In addition, postponing the in-person portion of the Hybrid model allows faculty and students to carefully and effectively focus on becoming accustomed to the features of livestreaming instruction.
  • Lastly, we believe ensuring a safe and efficient educational day for our students and teachers requires significant detailed planning regarding the operations, functions and routines of the school day. The Sept. 8 start will provide the time to thoroughly prepare to ensure a safe, manageable and productive day for our students.

Our goal is to launch our in-person/Hybrid model on Sept. 8. You may review our Fully Remote and Hybrid models here.

Also, please review our FAQ regarding the 2020-21 school year and draft IHSA guidance for sports seasons.  When the final IHSA plan is approved, the modified fall sports season will begin regardless of the instructional model we are deploying.

While this is an adjustment to our plan, know that we are very confident with the features and options provided by our robust technology infrastructure. Teachers can livestream lessons and have the ability for all students to collaborate in Zoom breakout rooms. With iPads, Zoom, Schoology and other tools Glenbard has a complete digital classroom. Teacher-led instruction is provided according to the following schedule:

Period 1:  7:30-8:40 Period 1:  7:30-8:40 Period 1: 7:30-8:10

Period 2: 8:20-9:00

Period 6:  7:30-8:40 Period 6:  7:30-8:40
Period 2: 8:45-9:55 Period 2: 8:45-9:55 Period 3: 9:10-9:50

Period 4: 10:00-10:40

Period 7: 8:45-9:55 Period 7: 8:45-9:55
Period 3: 10:00-11:10 Period 3: 10:00-11:10 Period 5: 10:50-11:30

Period 6: 11:40-12:20

Period 8: 10:00-11:10 Period 8: 10:00-11:10
Period 4: 11:15-12:25 Period 4: 11:15-12:25 Period 7: 12:30-1:10

Period 8: 1:20-2:00

Period 5: 11:15-12:25 Period 5: 11:15-12:25
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 1:00-2:25: Students participate in additional learning activities via Schoology, attend teacher office hours, complete homework as assigned.

Zero hour does not meet at a specific time and these courses have learning activities available via Schoology.

David F. Larson, Ed.D.