June 28, 2022
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Glenbard North parking lot and tennis court maintenance

In order to maintain our parking lots, we are sealcoating and striping all of Glenbard North’s parking lots this summer. The east and south lots (off of Kuhn Road) were completed in early June. Starting Wednesday, June 29, the main lot south of the walkway, as well as the entrance (west side of the main lot), will be closed for sealcoating and striping. This area will remain closed until July 5th. If you are coming to Glenbard North, you will need to enter and exit through the east exit and park north of the walkway.

Then, beginning in mid-July (targeting July 20-23), the north end of the main lot will be closed off. The exit (east side of the main lot) will be closed at that time and all traffic will have to enter and exit through the west-side entrance. See image below. Thank you for following the traffic directions if you are coming to Glenbard North. 

Additionally, Glenbard North’s tennis courts are closed for repairs and resurfacing. The work will take several weeks and will provide a much better surface for our students, athletes and community members who enjoy using the courts. Thank you for respecting the work that is taking place. 

Glenbard North Sealcoating and Striping Summer 2022 (1)