July 14, 2023
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Consider becoming a vocational partner with us

Community partnerships play a vital role in supporting Glenbard students in reaching their individual adult outcomes. Sandra Chacon from Drury Lane Theatre said,  “Being a vocational partner is a mutually beneficial relationship. The students are not only supporting local business and staff, but they are also learning the importance of teamwork, communication and responsibility.” 

By having support in the community, Glenbard students are able to optimize access to jobs, various transportation options, social opportunities, recreational facilities and events, as well as other opportunities that can help each student grow into their adult life more successfully. 

??Local employers who are vocational partners with Glenbard District 87 provide our students with rich employment experiences that help develop independence within the community. We value our community partnerships and appreciate the continued positive impact they have on our students’ adult outcomes.

Are you interested in becoming a vocational partner? Contact Transition Specialist Erin Hoving at  [email protected] or 630-942-6783.