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Registration Materials 2020-21

Dear Glenbard North Parent or Guardian:

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! We are looking forward to working with your student to make this year successful and rewarding! We will update you in a future communication regarding how student instruction will occur at the start of school. We will rely on guidance from our health agencies and the state. Our first attendance day for students is August 12, 2020. Please take the time to read the enclosed packet.

Online Registration & Payment – Online registration will be available July 6th through July 30th. Please follow the system prompts to register your student and pay your fees online by July 30th to realize your prompt pay discount of $35 (instructions enclosed). Registration and payment of fees are required prior to the first day of school. 

New Students to Glenbard North – Glenbard North utilizes the iPad and digital curriculum/applications to deliver instruction to students. We will ship iPads and instructions to incoming freshmen and transfer students’ homes after online registration and payment have been completed. We strongly encourage you to register as soon as possible so we can deliver the device and instructions in a timely manner. This will provide your student as much time as possible to become familiar with the device and digital curriculum, prior to the start of school.

Notification System – District 87 has implemented a notification system to improve communication with our families. It is extremely important that you complete this section as part of the registration process to ensure we have your current contact information.

AP Exam Enrollment: If your student has enrolled in an AP course for the upcoming school year, we will also enroll them for the AP Exam. Glenbard will bill the AP exam fee on your student’s fee statement and will waive one AP exam fee per year, per student. AP exams are $94 each; AP Seminar & AP Research exams are $142 each. More information regarding the AP courses and exams can be located on our school’s website.

Deep Learning & Engagement with Technology in Glenbard District 87 – Please review our Deep Learning & Engagement with Technology in Glenbard District 87 brochure enclosed in your packet. Key topics:

  • Goals of our 1:1 Program
  • Glenbard’s learning management system, Schoology
  • Student’s care of the iPad
  • Digital health and wellness
  • Commonly asked questions

Included in this packet you will find a flyer about diversity. Please hang it in your home’s window to show everyone that you too embrace diversity as a member of the Glenbard community!

Dr. John Mensik