January 29, 2020
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Civics Club Elections in Action Iowa Trip

During the weekend of Jan. 17-19, 11 Civics Club students participated in the Elections in Action Iowa 2020 Campaign Trip.  This is run through the Mikva Challenge.  In the past we have canvassed in Wisconsin for both Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates.  Because we are in primary season, this trip revolved around the Democratic Presidential Primary Candidates.  Mikva supplied us with contact information and event information for all of the candidates in Des Moines, Iowa for the weekend.  Because of the snow, we missed an Andrew Yang event.  However, we were able to be a part of the studio audience of a taping by PBS Iowa of an interview with Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  We also did some phone banking and canvassing for one of the candidates of the students choosing. Students were trained in these skills and were able to talk directly with Campaign office staff and get a better understanding of how a major campaign office works and why these, mostly young people, do what they do.  On Saturday night, Mikva brought over 300 students together for a fun and collaborative night of a mock issues caucus and discussions.  Students were from CPS, Normal West HS, Main West HS, Stevenson HS and other Chicagoland schools.  Finally on Sunday we were able to attend a rally at a Junior High School with about 200 local Iowans for Senator Elizabeth Warren.  We stayed after the rally and met with the Senator as a group for about 5 minutes and were able to ask her one specific question.  Senior Joseph Pham asked the Senator about prescription drug costs.  We were also able to show Senator Warren the Civics Club’s Women’s History T-shirt from last year.  She is named on the back of the shirt along with 29 other historically important women that members of the Civics Club chose to honor.   
Students that attended ;  
Sophomores –  Senna Abraham, Rachael Romero
Juniors – Carlene English, Erin Henkel-Hitzemann, Sage Hills
Seniors – Om Desai, SoonMi Kuroha, Dorothy Le, Joseph Pham, Amaar Sayani, Grace Weber
Civics Club Sponsors –  Erica Bray-Parker and Kristen Masse

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