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Prehistory & Ancient History

History Link is an excellent site to start your research with links to other sites categorized by subjects.
Don't miss this award winning site! The British Library offers access to some of its treasures: The Lindisfarne Gospels, the Diamond Sutra, the Sforza Hours, the Leonardo Notebook, the golden Haggadah, the Luttrell Psalter, Blackwell's Herbal, the Sherborne Missal and Sultan Baybar's Qur'an.
A chronology of events from prehistoric times to the 21st century.
An exceptional site, well organized and comprehensive. Lots of information with beautiful photographs.
One of the best websites that covers world history with text, graphics, timelines,
maps, famous people, events, science , culture, religion, politics-it's all here at HyperHIstory Online.
From PBS' series, Empire, this site introduces searchers to Ancient Greece through its social and artistic innovations and information on how it became one of the greatest civilizations in history.
This is a very comprehensive site offering lots of information about the Roman Empire.
Macrohistory and World Report
This epic survey of world history chronicles in depth mankind's progress from 9000 B.C. to 2000 A.D. The site is divided into the Ancient World, 6th through 19th Centuries, and the 20th Century.This is a GNHS Library award site!
This site contains collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts for educational use. Many different sourcebooks are included such as: Ancient History, Medieval Sourcebook, Modern History Sourcebook, East Asian, etc.

Students and teachers who would like in-depth information about Ancient
Greece need look no further than this site.
A fascinating site that explores each of the seven wonders in detail. Includes images of each structure.
Don't miss this fascinating site featuring the wonders of ancient Egypt

European and Non-European Middle Ages

This site is a wealth of information about everything from the construction
of castles to personal hygience in medieval times.
This site provides an accurate view of daily life during this period, covering
such topcs as clothing, bathing, food, education, health, romance, and chivalry
This site provides a gateway to online resources that explore leisure activities,
games and sports.
Contains many links to a variety of texts and information on history
of the Middle Ages.
Very comprehensive site covering everything from agricultural tools, soap, Arabic numbers, magnets, mirrors, to windmills
This site is not to be missed! This gateway provides links in more than 20 categories including Terms and Glossaries, Timelines,
Feudalism, Castles, the Black Death, Medieval Women, Art, Architecture, and Religion.
Everything you want to know about the food and drink of the Middle Ages is at this site.
A good site with links to medieval history, the arts, literature, weapons, culture, architecture, archeology.

Aztec, Inca and Maya Civilizations - Middle Ages

Between 250 and 900 A.D., the Maya civilization reigned as the most advanced in the western hemisphere. This site explores the Mayan glories.
This index of the Aztec civilization is offers very comprehensive information.
This museum site traces the birth and disappearance of the Incan empires from as early as 1000 B.C. until the 16th century.
This site provides beautiful photos of Machu Pichu and a brief profile.

India - Middle Ages

This very good site includes a map of medieval India and information about various aspects of Indian civilization in the Middle Ages.
Scroll down the first page to information about the people and culture.
Good information.
This site includes numerous short topics on life in medieval India.
This comprehensive art site offers information on art during all historic periods.
For medieval Indian art, click on the word India under the list titled
Asian Art on the right side of the page. Scroll down to Islamic Art and Hindu Art
and then open any of the sites listed. Excellent pictures and illustrations.
This site from the LIbrary of Congress offers no pictures but has concise, comprehensive information.
Scroll down the page to the Delhi Sultanate section and the the Mughal Era for information about medieval India.
The site introduces and celebrates the beautiful Taj Mahal and the ruler who created the site for his wife.
Includes illustrations and historical information about the use of coins in India.

Islam - Middle Ages

This website explores the first thousand years of Islamic civilization, including Faith, Culture, Innovations, and Profiles.
Pay particular attention to Innovations as this section covers Muslims' contributions to mathematics, science, medicine, and publishing.
This site covers Islam from the 7th century to the 1700s. Islamic beginnings with the history of Muhammad is a good place to
start and then students may want to skip to Arts, Learning, and Knowledge to learn about Islamic contributions.
This page is another part of the Art History Resources on the Web site and deals with Islamic art
in many countries during the Middle Ages. Excellent site.

Africa - Middle Ages

This site, associated with History.net, contains a list of numerous medieval Africa websites. Check them out-they are well worth the effort.
Art History Resources scores again with numerous links to African art of the Middle Ages. This site should not be missed.

China - Middle Ages

This section of History 101 on China is very comprehensive. Scroll down the first
page to reach the section entitled China to open the sites on art, daily life, maps, pictures, and research.
Scroll down the page of this timeline until you reach the two links, Sui and Tang.
These links offer the most information on medieval China.
Click on the China link on the right hand side of the page to enter a huge list of art links for China.
The links are divided by time period or dynasty.

Japan - Middle Ages

This site offers an historical overview of medieval Japan including rulers, religion and culture.
This site offers many links to all aspects of life in medieval Japan with focus on the samurai tradition.
Click on the Japan link on the right hand side of the page to enter a huge list of art links for Japan.

Mongol Empire and Khmer Empire Middle Ages

A fairly comprehensible historical overview of the Mongol Empire and its influence on world history.
This site contains maps of the Mongolian Empire and many interesting links to the various aspects of life during their rule.
This site has many good links to information about Khmer civilization and history.

Renaissance Art, Renaissance History, Renaissance Literature & The European Enlightenment

The WebMuseum presents an excellent overview of the Renaissance and the effects of this
cultural rebirth on the art and literature produced across Europe during this period
This site is an excellent introduction to the Renaissance: It includes 5 main sections:
Out of the Middle Ages; Exploration and Trade; Printing and Thinking; Symmetry, Shape, and Size; and Focus on Florence.

 African Cultures and History
This is your chance to explore the regions of Africa: the Sahara, Sahel,  Ethiopian Highlands, Savanna, Swahili Coast, Rainforest, Great Lakes, Southern Africa.
This exhibit at the Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia demonstrates how African masks are dramatic portraits of spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible powers of social control.
This exciting collection of African tribal art features over 1,200 artifacts from 100 ethnic groups. Items on display include wooden and bronze statues,  masks, religious, ritual and domestic objects, furniture and weapons.
This outstanding collection of African art embraces the diverse artistic expressions found throughout Africa from ancient to contemporary times. The collection objects range from ceramics, textiles, furniture and tools, to masks, figures and musical instruments. The arts of painting, printmaking, scupture, and other media are well represented. Don't miss this collection.
PBS hosts this wondersul site about ancient Africa. There are interactive features,
information about the slave trade, the various religions, the various African tribes,
the Holy Land, and the Lost Cities of the South.
Includes the tribes of Africa, countries in Africa, tradiltional food and medicine, arts and crafts of Africa, fauna and flora in Africa, traditional African stories, and images of Africa. Very comprehensive.
This excellent site covers ancient African cultures, links to museums and artifacts.
Useful sections on colonial and contemporary Africa are included.
This site does a very good job providing extensive resources for researching Africa. The ancient Africa section covers the major civilizations, including Nubia and the cultures found in Nigeria and Gambia.
Don't miss this very comprehensive site about the African people and tribes.
This site has it all! You can search for specific works of art by material, form, or iconography. You can also search timeline content by theme and geographical region.The African art collection is excellent!

 Imperialism and World History

For the most reliable and authoritative sources about imperialism,
visit the online database Student Resource Center Gold. Once
there, do a subject search using the following terms: Imperialism
and India; British Imperialism; American Imperialism; Cultural Imperialism; Japanese Imperialism; German Imperialism, Anti- Imperialism; Imperialism and Africa.
Written in 1857, this is a fascinating assessment of British rule in India.
This fascinating, well-organized site offers the viewer a ringside
seat to history from the Ancient World to the present.
This essay looks at the arrival of the Europeans to India and their centuries-long presence on the subcontinent and explores their impact on the country and its people.

U.S. History and American Studies: Colonial and Revolutionary America

If you are looking for primary sources documenting United States history, then the American Memory site of the Library of Congress is the place to be. Once you enter the site, click on the SEARCH button and then type in your keyword. For instance, if you want primary documents dealing with British colonists in America prior to the Revolution, type in British Colonists America in the SEARCH field.
U.S. History and American Studies: British Views of the American Revolution
U.S. History and American Studies: Miscellaneous Websites





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