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Through the creative process of the Fine Arts, students learn to be expressive communicators, expand their views, find a voice, and contribute to our world.
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Course Descriptions
Studying the Arts helps students develop problem-solving skills, taps into studentsÕ different learning styles, provides connections across different subject areas and brings creativity to the learning experience. The ability to communicate visually is a necessary skill for success in contemporary society; these courses help students develop those skills. These courses fulfill the graduation requirement for Cultural Arts.

INTRODUCTION TO ART - AR1013 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. Prerequisite: None. This is a great way to sample many of our art courses in one single semester class.  Intro To Art will give you a wide variety of art experiences as you do projects in drawing, graphic design, painting, ceramics, computer art and photography.  

CARTOONING - AR2813 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite: None (Introduction to Art or Drawing 1 is helpful)   This course is for the naturally talented and interested cartoonist, as well as the curious beginner.  We will teach you the basics of drawing cartoons and then invite you to develop your own personal style as we explore a variety of cartooning styles, including hero comics, anime, comic strips, graphic novels, and even get in some exposure to simple computer animation techniques on Apple Macs.

DRAWING 1 -  AR2313 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite:  None Learn how to draw figures, faces, and objects from observation and your imagination.  Learn how to use charcoal, pencil, chalk, oil pastel, and pen and ink like artists.  Discover how to talk about art and look at the world like an artist.   Are you afraid you can't draw?  Don't worry, we'll teach you how.

DRAWING 2 - AR3313 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. Ð 1 sem., 1/2 cr.   Prerequisite:  
Drawing 1 or departmental approval. This class brings your original ideas to life by using charcoal, pencil, pastels, and ink.  You will also discover mixed media and printmaking.  This is an advanced class that will build on the techniques you learned in Drawing 1.

PAINTING 1 - AR2513 - Fr., Soph,. Jr., Sr. Ð 1 sem.,  1/2 cr. - Prerequisite:  None (Drawing 1 recommended) Create original paintings with acrylic, watercolor, and oil paint.   Learn how you can bring your ideas to life with color and brushstrokes.  We'll teach you the painting techniques you need to create artwork your friends will envy.  
SCULPTURE - AR3413 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. -1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite:  None You will get to work with plaster, wood, wire, glass, and mixed media.  Learn how to fuse glass, construct large-scale artwork with plaster gauze, and much more!  We will carve, model, assemble and cast various materials to create 3-dimensional artwork that demands to be looked at.

GRAPHIC DESIGN 1 - AR2213 -  Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite:  None.  Ever wonder who designs our Panther Planner every year?  ItÕs a student from Graphic Design!  In this interesting course you will learn what it takes to be a designer, solving problems and communicating through composition, typography and images.  You will solve real client problems like logos, page design, package design, advertising, illustration and movie credits.  In this Apple Mac-based course, you will work nearly every day on computers, learning the software that actual designers use at work.

GRAPHIC DESIGN 2 - AR3213 -  Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem 1/2 cr - Prerequisite:  Graphic Design 1.  If Graphic Design 1 showed you how satisfying it is to communicate through visual design, this second level course will help you to develop your own design style and offer you even more design problems to solve.  We step it up a notch, design our own fonts, layout web pages, design our own books and create more complex multimedia works.  This class can really help prepare you for a college experience in art.

CERAMICS 1 - AR2113 -  Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. -1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite:   None You will get to work with clay all semester.  WeÕll make mugs, vases, masks, sculptures, and more!  You will also get the chance to use the ceramics wheel.  We'll teach you the entire ceramic process of constructing, firing, and glazing your artwork.

CERAMICS 2 - AR3113 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. -1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite: Ceramics1 Can't get enough of clay?  This class builds on the skills you acquired in Ceramics 1.  Improve your wheel throwing and handbuilding skills, experiment with various glazes and alternative firings, and understand how the kiln works.  You will see how clay cannot only be functional, but also conceptual.  After this class, you will have the knowledge to create your own ceramics lab at home.

PHOTOGRAPHY 1 - AR2613 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite:  None  You will learn how to make classic black and white photographs in true old school style in this interesting class.  No digital photography here, as we learn to shoot film with 35mm cameras, develop our own film, and then print personal work in our school darkroom.  You will learn to take better pictures with any camera.  No film camera?  No problem since we supply the 35mm cameras - and all your film and photo paper too.

PHOTOGRAPHY 2 - AR3613 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite: Photo 1. - If you fell in love with the darkroom and mastered the technical challenges of making great photographs, this second level course will start where you left off.  Creativity and curiosity are the keys to this advanced black and white photo class.  Building on the foundations we laid in Photo 1, we will push creative expression even further with assignments in hand coloring, toning, mixed media, and reverse printing.  By studying the quality and control of light, we will master portraits.  By adding text and color to change your photo's impact, you will produce amazing, original art.  We will finish the semester with a strong series that showcase your independent creative vision.  No film camera?  We supply 35mm cameras - and all your film and photo paper too.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY -  AR4113 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. -   Prerequisite: None. (Photo 1 or Computer Art is helpful)  Ever wonder how art photographers make such cool photos?  This computer-based photography class is perfect for anyone interested in digital photography.  First you will learn how to work your digital camera - including all the strange settings mentioned in the manual.  You will use your digital photographs as the start, but will push the images to new levels of creativity by learning Photoshop software.  You will create a 3 part photo series, create dreams or nightmares, make photos that purposely lie and much more.  We will play with scanners as cameras and work every day in our newest Apple Mac lab.  Students should have access to a digital camera, although there will be some available for check out.  Students are required to have an external drive of at least 2 GB for safe storage and back up of their work.

COMPUTER ART - AR2913 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr., - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite:  None.- Art and technology blend wonderfully in this fun course.  Students are invited to create interesting computer-based artwork using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and other programs.  Projects include composition, photo manipulation, drawing and painting, creating cartoon storyboards and simple animation.  Working in our Mac lab every day makes this course a great choice for an independent, creative student.  Students are encouraged to have an external drive of at least 2 GB for safe storage and back up of their work.

INDEPENDENT STUDY - AR6012 - Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite: Student must have taken the entire sequence of courses in the chosen area of study offered by the Art department. The student must contract with the individual teacher and have departmental approval. This is an advanced course for the serious student, tailored to the student's interest. It requires self-motivation and self-discipline, with the teacher functioning as mentor to the student's goals and objectives. Final pieces are expected to be of portfolio quality.

AP STUDIO ART - AR5031(2) - Jr., Sr., - 1 year, 1 cr. - Prerequisite: Approval of any Glenbard art teacher.  This course is recommended for highly motivated students capable of creating college-level work for which advanced college credit may be earned.  Students will specialize in the media of their choice.  They will demonstrate both breadth and theme development in areas such as drawing, 2D design, or 3D design.  Work outside the class is required.  In May, students are expected to submit their portfolios for evaluation in the Advanced Placement program.  This class may be repeated.


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