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Through the creative process of the Fine Arts, students learn to be expressive communicators, expand their views, find a voice, and contribute to our world.
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Studying the Arts helps students develop problem-solving skills, taps into students' different learning styles, provides connections across different subject areas and brings creativity to the learning experience.  The ability to communicate visually is a necessary skill for success in contemporary society; these courses help students develop those skills. These courses fulfill the graduation requirement for Cultural Arts.

INTRODUCTION TO ART - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.
No Prerequisite: This course provides an overview of the visual arts and develops creative thinking skills. Students learn design elements and principles, and complete projects in some of the following art forms: drawing, painting, cartooning, ceramics, photography, sculpture and graphic design. A good course for discovering Art.

CARTOONING - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  - No Prerequisite: Introduction to Art is recommended. This course is intended to help both the naturally talented and interested cartoonist as well as the beginner. Students will be given the basics of drawing cartoons and then invited to explore a variety of cartooning styles, including hero comics, comic strip characters, advertising cartoons, political
cartoons and some exposure to animation techniques.

DRAWING 1 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  - No Prerequisite: Introduction to Art is recommended. This course encourages the student to study the art elements and design principles to create compositions utilizing various drawing media and techniques. Project work focuses on still life objects, contour and gesture drawing, imagery, portrait and figure drawing.

DRAWING/PAINTING - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  - Prerequisite: Drawing 1 or department approval. - This course provides further study in advanced drawing techniques and utilizes various media that were introduced in Drawing 1. Original drawings are developed into paintings using watercolor, acrylics and oil paint.

SCULPTURE AND PAINTING 1 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  No Prerequisite: Introduction to Art is recommended. - The painting unit includes work in transparent watercolor, opaque, acrylic and oils. Various methods are explored for creative expression. Mixed media and collage, along with the study and rendering in various painting styles and periods are included. Sculpture helps the student to
develop an appreciation and understanding for visual expression in the three dimensional fields. Project work focuses on a wide range of media and methods of construction. This will include working in wood, plaster, clay, metal and various other materials.

GRAPHIC DESIGN - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - No Prerequisite: Introduction to Art is recommended. - In this course, students learn to solve client problems by communicating information through design, typography and images. Students learn problem-solving techniques in projects such as logos, page layout, package design, advertising, illustration and multi-media Macintosh. This course
provides hands on use of the computer applications used by the print & design industry. This interesting course is finished with an independent I-movie project.

CERAMICS 1 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  - No Prerequisite: Introduction to Art is recommended. Students will explore a variety of construction techniques and surface decorations as well as develop an appreciation for ceramic objects and good craftsmanship. Projects include hand building, press and drape molds, introduction to wheel throwing and glaze application. A variety of historical and contemporary works will be studied for inspiration and appreciation.

CERAMICS 2 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  - Prerequisite: C or better in Ceramics 1 or consent of instructor. - As a continuation of Ceramics 1, this course further explores ceramic techniques, glaze calculation, aesthetic evaluation and individual style. More focus will be placed on improving and expanding wheel throwing skills, working in a series, and developing individual surface treatments. Students will assist in studio maintenance activities such as reclaiming clay and kiln loading and firing.

PHOTOGRAPHY 1 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  No Prerequisite: Introduction to Art is recommended. In this class you will learn to handle a manual 35mm camera, shoot and develop film, and then make black and white prints in the darkroom. Each project is designed to improve your technical skills and picture making, while pushing you to open up your creative vision. Creativity is developed in assignments such as portraits, space exploration, photojournalism and handmade books. Although we have cameras to loan, it is helpful if students have access to their own manual 35mm camera. In addition to the lab fee, expect supply costs of $60.00-$80.00 per semester.

PHOTOGRAPHY 2 - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  Prerequisite: C or better in Photo 1. - Creativity and curiosity are the keys to success in this advanced black and white photo class. Building on the foundation of skills mastered in Photo 1, we will push creative expression even further with assignments in hand coloring, toning, mixed media and reverse printing. Studying the quality and control of lighting, students will explore portraits and product photography. We will use text and image in order to change a photo’s impact, and fi nish the semester with a strong series of work that showcases independent creative vision. Although we have cameras to loan, it is helpful if students have access to their own manual 35mm camera. In addition to the lab fee, expect supply costs of $60-$80 per semester.

DIGITAL DARKROOM - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. Prerequisite: C or better in Photography 1 or consent of instructor. - Investigate the future of photography! This course offers students who have mastered the basic skills of black & white photography the opportunity to broaden their creative experience. Students will create works using their own black & white negatives and digital photographs as the basis for their own computer manipulated images. Students will have access to a variety of software and hardware products, including Photoshop, In Design, digital cameras, scanners, Macintosh computers and printers. Students are still able to shoot and print their own black & white photos, but will use them in new and exciting ways to solve specific assignment problems. Costs include purchasing and processing film, jump drives, and high quality paper.

INDEPENDENT STUDY - Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  - Prerequisite: Student must have taken the entire sequence of courses in the chosen area of study offered by the Art department. - The student must contract with the individual teacher and have departmental approval. This is an advanced course for the serious student, tailored to the student’s interest. It requires self-motivation and self-discipline, with the teacher functioning as mentor to the student’s goals and objectives. Final pieces are expected to be of portfolio quality. Taking any of these art courses satisfies the one semester cultural education requirement for graduation.

COMPUTER ART - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr., - 1 sem., 1/2 cr.  - Art and technology meet in this exciting new course! All Students are invited to create interesting computer based artwork using the newest software. Projects include photo manipulation, drawing, painting, creating cartoon storyboards, and simple animation.  Students are expected to buy an external storage device to store and transport their files (prices range from $15.00 - $45.00)

AP STUDIO ART - Jr., Sr., - 1 year, 1 cr.  – Prerequisite: Approval of any Glenbard art teacher.  This course is recommended for highly motivated students capable of creating college-level work for which advanced college credit may be earned.  Students will specialize in the media of their choice.  They will demonstrate both breadth and theme development in areas such as drawing, 2D design, or 3D design.  Work outside the class is required.  In May, students are expected to submit their portfolios for evaluation in the Advanced Placement program.


REQUIRED COURSES: All Glenbard students are required to satisfy the “Speech” requirement for graduation. This Speech requirement may come from any of the following three courses: Acting, Introduction to Theatre Arts, or Introduction to Speech. It is strongly recommended that this requirement be met during the sophomore year with the exception of Acting, which may be taken freshman year. A percentage of the grade in all three courses is made up of performance activities. Students who are truly interested in becoming involved in the Speech Arts Department program are encouraged to take Acting as a freshman. Taking Acting for two semesters is not only fun but will satisfy the Speech requirement. Acting serves as a great introduction and leads into many of the other courses in the Speech Arts Department as listed below. Acting can also be repeated as many times as the student wishes during their high school career and at any time.


INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE ARTS - Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - In this course, the joy and excitement of theatre will be explored. You will learn the names of the parts of the theatre as well as other aspects of the theatre world. What makes up a play, where did plays come from and how you put them on the stage are some of the things you will learn. Many chances for exploring your talent for performing will be available including pantomime, improvisation and acting.

ACTING - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Sharpening the actor’s ability to use his/her tools - body, voice and imagination - is the chief goal of this course. Every semester will focus on a different dramatic style, genre, or period of theatre history. Activities focusing on acting, play writing, and production skills will help to build the theatre artist’s portfolio and resume. Some work in improvisation supplements the scene and monologue work. This course may be repeated each year, each semester for additional credit with instructor’s approval, as each semester, a different acting style and design process will be explored. Two semesters of this class will satisfy the Speech requirement.

ACTING AND DIRECTING 1 - Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite: Passing grade in Acting or Department Chair/Instructor approval - Upper classmen who have had success and enjoyment in the Acting class can elect to take this course. Refine and sharpen skills in acting and directing to an even higher degree. Learn about college theatre programs. Explore employment opportunities in professional theatre and learn about audition requirements, resumes, head shots and portfolios.

ACTING AND DIRECTING 2 - Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite: Passing grade in Acting or department chair approval – Higher levels of acting skills will be developed and the opportunity to direct plays will be available.

STAGECRAFT - Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Scene design, construction and painting are areas you will get to experience when you take Stagecraft. Lighting, sound effects, property construction and special effects are topics you can get into in this course. Find out how these parts come together as you work on the current Speech Arts productions.

INDEPENDENT STUDY - Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. –Prerequisite: Department Chair Approval.  Students who plan on pursuing theatre in college or sometime in the future should consider exploring an independent study in any of the areas of the theatre: stage management, props design, costume design, theatre publicity and marketing, lighting design, sound design, scene design, directing, advanced acting, or dramatic literature.  Any of these areas will allow you to create artifacts for your theatrical portfolio to be used in interviews for colleges and professional programs.


INTRODUCTION TO SPEECH - Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - A variety of useful and interesting speech activities will be included. You will learn how to be interviewed (and get the job), how to present yourself confidently before an audience and how to organize your thoughts through effective speech – writing techniques, as well as how to be poised and dynamic. Learn about words and body language, how to listen and evaluate what you hear and other daily communication needs, including how to effectively communicate in group settings requiring teamwork.


TELEVISION PRODUCTION - Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Students will produce their own television programs as they study television’s impact on modern society. Students will explore the roles and functions of TV broadcast personnel and work with many types of equipment. Understanding television as a popular medium of entertainment, education, and advertising is a particular focus of the class. The course is repeatable for additional credit.

FILM STUDIES - Soph., Jr., Sr. - 1 sem., 1/2 cr. - Prerequisite: Introduction to Speech or Introduction to Theatre Arts or Acting - A recent major motion picture had its audience sit looking at a blank screen for one hour of its two hour run time. Which one was it? Find out by taking Analysis of Film. Explore the medium of motion pictures from their historic, scientific, and artistic aspects. Watch numerous films ranging from classic silents starring Charlie Chaplin, to modern epics like Star Wars. Other genres include horror, animation, comedy, and much much more! You will develop a greater appreciation of film as an art form, as well.

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